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When she was eighteen, Heather Humphries became not just the youngest body shop manager in the country, but also the only female body shop manager in the country according to Auto Body Business News. It was only the beginning. 

   In 2013, after running her own shop for over ten years, Heather suffered a severe injury. Following four back surgeries, she believed she would never work again. But her love of the job, and even greater love for the customers, compelled her to persevere. In 2018, this perseverance paid off, and Onsite opened its doors. 

   Now, after thirty years in the business, Heather continues to dedicate herself to her #1 priority: quality. Here at Onsite, we use no aftermarket parts. Your car will always be repaired using long-lasting, top-of-the-line original parts, by a team of experts committed to the highest possible standards of quality and customer service. We treat your car like it was our own. 

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